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You don't need to bend over backwards (get it?!) to support small businesses...find your local businesses here...

Over the years I have met many amazing, talented and marvellous men and women, working their crafts, their hobbies and their passions. These super miraculous individuals without a doubt put their hearts and souls into what they do because they love it. From providing professional service, to creating unique jewellery, to baking, to inspiring, to up cycling; here are some of my amazing clients and friends with their pursuits. Click the links below to find out more :)


We offer face to face and online networking meetings to help you grow your network and improve your business. We stand for Collaboration, genuine relationships and business growth. You will benefit from attending The Ribbons Network if you run your own business and understand the need to create a support network around you to learn and grow with.

Bryony Landricombe

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A 100% vegan bakery specialising in both sweet and savoury goods, including items free from wheat, soya and nuts. The Little Fox Bakery is run solely by me, from my home in Dorset. You can find LFB treats if you're local to Dorset in a number of local cafes and shops.

If you're not near to any of these, take a look at my Facebook or Instagram pages as I also posts treat boxes across the whole of the UK!

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R Lukins Fitness offers quality gym facilities, with fitness and nutritional advice from some of the best fitness professionals around. With previous experience in Clinical Physiology, Exercise Referral, Sports Performance and Strength & Conditioning we have a vast knowledge of all areas of fitness.