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How Wild Flower Yoga was born

Wild Flower Yoga began after a conversation with a close friend over which direction to take next on my journey, which concluded in him exclaiming "go find yourself and be the little Wild Flower that you are!"

Following this, in my late 20's, I quit my full time job, packed up my flat, scuttled off to Goa, India, to complete my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Leaving initially was daunting, overwhelming and completely unknown, however I quickly felt at peace in this new space; a new country, exploring not just the area but myself as well.

Fast forward 2 years and yearning for more knowledge, I returned to Goa to complete my 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. The deeper level of understanding, the breath, the movement, the spiritual practice; I had never felt more comfortable energetically, spiritually and physically.

My goal as a forever student of Yoga practice, is to consistently allow myself a safe space to be comfortable just as I am; to continue to delve deeper into what it means to be 'Holly'.



My goal as a Yoga Teacher is to enable each student to achieve that same balance and equilibrium. To feel complete, content, whole; to find their true self in their body; their home. To become attuned and aware of their mind and their breath, to be accepting of who they are, and love every single part of themselves. To completely accept wholeness.

Balance is something we all deserve, I would love to support you on your journey :)